February 25, 2020

Peter or Judas?

God does not use extraordinary people to illustrate His works. Falling from grace does not happen overnight; it happens progressively. God looks at the heart of men, not at our actions. Are we serving God for what we can gain from Him, or are we serving God regardless of what we can lose from serving Him? Peter was willing to die for Jesus, whereas Judas's perspective was to gain from serving and following Jesus.

February 18, 2020

The Exchange

We want to have what God has for us as Christians, but we are not willing to do what is expected of Christians to receive it. Jesus exchanged His life on the cross so that we can be called righteouss. When we approach God we should not come empty-handed, we should take what we have and exchange it for what He has promised over us.

February 18, 2020

All About Him

Your theology is revealed through what is manifested in your life. The natural man will not understand the things of the Spirit, for it's foolish to him. The Kingdom of God is much more than what the flesh desires. We need to make decisions that glorify God, although the world disapproves of us for it.

February 11, 2020

Hearing God

If we hide from God we can't hear God's voice. We try to understand God from our mind's perspective instead of from the perspective of our hearts. We try to hear God with our minds but God speaks to the hearts of men.

February 11, 2020

How to Hear

Hearing God is important. God leads us by speaking to us and to hear His voice stirs faith in our hearts. The Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God, reveals it to us and teaches us how to speak these things over our lives. The more we function in the natural man, the more we struggle to receive the revelation of God.

February 7, 2020

Spiritual Man

God is not a God that is far off. He is close, like the breath in our lungs. Prayers are important and the answers to our prayers are important to God. Answered prayers glorify God. We all have been given a measure of faith. We need the Holy Spirit in our lives to be aware of the things God has for us.

January 28, 2020


Daily we are confronted with choices we consciously or unconsciously make. Sometimes we think we are not able to do something, be someone or receive God's blessings, but actually, it's because we choose not to. We shouldn't make choices without being certain that we've received all the information.

January 28, 2020


Our circumstances should not influence our future. Certain events have an impact on our lives which has the power to change us. Jesus walking with the disciples showed them how to deal with life and it's problems. To be stable, we should learn how to change our response to difficult circumstances.

January 24, 2020


To move our mountains we should make a transition from a world that is reasonable to a world that is unreasonable. God sees it as unreasonable to be His child and not function in the full potential He has called you to be. In the kingdom of God, it’s natural to heal sicknesses, break strongholds and move mountains.

January 24, 2020

Your Birthright

We all have promises God has destined for us. Sin makes us live for the moment. We do not take into consideration that moment decisions are for this moment's feelings, forgetting about the impact on our tomorrow. If we commit sin we exchange the right to the promises of God for something that will satisfy us for a moment.

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