November 24, 2020

The Eye

The world will see God's light within you, for He will reward those who seek Him in secret. The eye is a lens through which we see the world and our perspective of Christianity. If our view of the world is to be pleasing unto man by doing charitable deeds, we will eliminate the light of God within us. 

November 17, 2020

Promises, Promises

We can't live as Christians without Christ, and as we are with Him, our life changes. It does not matter who we've been as long as the world can see we have been with Jesus. Bing with Christ gives us access to the promises of God, and as we are in Christ, we don't have to seek the promises; it finds us. 

November 17, 2020


Doubt does not disqualify us from the call God has on our life, for it makes us reconsider the source of our faith. Faith is fundamental to our pursuit of God, and without faith, it is impossible to please Him. The purpose of our faith is to approach God boldly and eliminate faithlessness in our lives. Being faithless makes God only present in our circumstances and uninvolved in everything we do. 

November 10, 2020

Just Because

To follow Christ requires us to deny ourselves first. God's word fills us to walk in divine purpose. Our test is not in the result of our calling but our obedience to God. To deny ourselves is to sacrifice the things that impact our lives and knowing that through God's strength, all things are possible.

November 10, 2020

Judge, maybe?

 If the source of our advice is not goldy, it's easier for us to stay stuck in an ungodly place. We need to carry the weight of the judgment we give one another. Without correction, we are unable to grow through situations and circumstances and how we implement instruction is how we mature in wisdom. 

November 3, 2020


Everything we do today has eternal consequences. We are all equal in receiving the gift of salvation, for we are saved by grace through our faith in God. But there is a reward that awaits believers beyond this life, and by working to build the kingdom of God here on earth, we are laying up treasures in heaven.

October 28, 2020

Too Much For You (Part. 2)

The moment we become fearful about our future, we should remind ourselves of the story of Elijah. The devil is in disagreement with God's call on our lives, and any stumbling block will discourage us from fighting for our purpose. As humans, we will become tired of fighting our battles, but when we are mentally tired, we should find our strength in God, for with Him, all things are possible, and by His grace, we remain unshakeable.

October 28, 2020

Too Much For You

While being human, God can still use us to do supernatural things. In every situation, God will make a way even though there seems to be no way in our fleshly capacity. When circumstances are too much for us to handle, the pain we go through should not outweigh the call of God. We should endure through the problem to receive the blessing.

October 19, 2020

Two in One

We are confronted with choosing between the desires of the flesh and God's promises, and often our flesh will respond to what goes on in the spirit. Our flesh can't go where God has promised us to be. Therefore we should continuously seek God to become more and more inclined with His Spirit.

October 19, 2020

The Questions

On the journey of following Jesus, we will be confronted with questions. Questions allow us to think about our response, and often God asks us questions before merely giving us the answer to our problem. But God will always provide us with a solution through the mountain before making a way around it.

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